App not sending notifications

I tried registering a new participant (14853) yesterday to my study (723) and I manually released a questionnaire to her, twice, but she did not get them.

Any help?

Hi @h.eltanamly

There was an issue with this functionality of the site which should be fixed now. Can you please check again?


Hi Mohammad,
I have the same problem again with participants 16775 and 17484 - study 723.

Any help?


Hi @h.eltanamly

You mean when you prompt them a survey via the site, they don’t receive it?

Thank you

Yes. He is not receiving the prompts i send.

We don’t see any errors or problems. You prompted three surveys to these individuals on Nov. 9th and 12th and they both were received shortly after:

 user_id |         sent_time          |       received_time
   16775 | 2019-11-09 21:35:26.571+01 | 2019-11-09 21:35:27.314+01
   17484 | 2019-11-12 13:18:59.362+01 | 2019-11-12 13:51:42.731+01
   17484 | 2019-11-12 13:56:59.578+01 | 2019-11-12 14:35:54.568+01

Can you tell me more specifically what is the issue you are facing?

Thank you

So according to 16775, other than the first prompted survey, none were received. The adherence percentage was 0. So zero surveys and zero responses after a few days of being in the study, when the participant should have been receiving 10 beeps per day. I therefore signed the participant up under a different email address, now under number 17484. The prompted surveys were received. Yet the participant didn’t receive surveys afterwards, even when i prompted them.
Today I learned from the participant that multiple responses were sent at once, yet he could not open any of them.

I also saw today that there are 9 responses for participant 16775 when the participant mentioned having received zero surveys (and also as was shown on the adherence percentage earlier, being 0).

I am not sure if that is clear.

  1. Participant did not receive prompted surveys, according to the participant.
  2. Participant did not receive regular scheduled surveys and therefore did not respond to them.
  3. However, there are 9 filled in responses for the first ID.
  4. For the second ID, the participant did not receive any beeps for two days or so, and got multiple ones earlier today, none of which opened.
  5. I still see a few responses filled in under the second ID.

Quite a situation that I cannot make sense of, but hope you can guide me decipher this.

Thank you,