Participants not receiving surveys


Yesterday participants for the study (962) should have received their first survey. I am using criteria to personalize which survey participants receive each day and for most this seems to have worked perfectly! However, there are some problems for those that should have received the survey 7333. Participants 31619, 31618, 31617 and 31616, all indicated that they did not receive this survey yesterday evening. On my end I see that these surveys have been sent, and I can’t recreate the problem.
Do you know what the issue could be and how to solve it?

Hi @r.zonneveld

The problem is that the criteria for these participants are based on the eligibility survey of the study. We did not have this case before, and that’s why there was a discrepancy in our logic in this case. The way the logic was working was that for criteria evaluation, it would only include the responses from the participant from the time they have been part of the study. As “Eligibility” responses are in fact given before the participant joined the study, the system would not include them, and therefore the criteria would become false.

We are working on expanding this part, to allow inclusion of the responses to the eligibility surveys as well. I hope we can have it done before end of the day. Then you would need to ask participants to open the app, go to Settings and press Reload Studies from Server. That will continue prompting the surveys for them.

Thanks for pointing this out,

Hi @m.hashemian,

Thank you so much for looking into it!
How is it going with the expansion?


Hi @r.zonneveld

We did apply this change and released it. When the participants to open the app on their phone, the study settings will be automatically updated and they will get the notifications and surveys moving forward.


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