Participant Not Receiving Survey Notifications

Hello, my participant 13378 (for study 426) has not been receiving notifications to complete the surveys. It worked for the first few days, but not anymore. She said she has not changed any of the settings from what it originally was when she received them.

Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to help.

Thank you!


Hey @jec224

This participant has only 4 expired surveys, and has completed all other ones. I suspect he is receiving the notifications just fine then!



Thank you for checking. Actually, she mentioned that she has been constantly opening up the app to see when there is an alert in the app itself, but that she still does not receive an alert notification pushed to her lock screen.



I see. Can you ask her to press Update Studies and see if this resolves the issue? We are releasing another update tomorrow and we will include more information to better be able to investigate any potential issues.

Thank you

Okay, I just asked the participant to do that! I’ll let you know once I hear from her.

Just letting everyone know that the trick seemed to work, thank you!

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