Using individualized Links to forward to other platform


we will use Ethica to send links to Qualtrics to fill out questionnaires on that platform. So participants click on the link and will be immediately forwarded to the online survey web address where the actual response data are being collected.Is it possible to send individualized links so that the data on Qualtrics can automatically be linked to the data of Ethica (e.g. ID), maybe through embedded data? Or is it possible that during forwarding, the link we put into the Ethica-activity is also further enriched with embedded data containing key variables such as the participant ID?

Thank you very much!

Hello Marlon

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We have a number of pathways, merely through which the participants can register and enroll in a study. In the following link, you can find the detailed information:

Note that the Registration URL sent to the participants ultimately directs them to the Ethica app.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions or doubts.

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