Does Ethica support "daisy chaining"?

Heya! I’m an RSE, representing the University of Amsterdam and the Urban Mental Health initiative, and exploring to what degree Ethica could replace some of our in-house developed software.

I wonder whether it’s possible to “daisy-chain” Ethica with other web apps (like in this tutorial for Pavlovia):

  • I’d like to be able to redirect a participant to an external URL, passing a participant ID via a query parameter
  • The external URL presents a questionnaire (for instance in Qualtrics) or a cognitive task (for instance in Pavlovia), and redirects the participant back to Ethica, passing along the participant ID again
  • Upon receiving the participant, Ethica registers the participant as having completed the associated activity

The above is a must-have for a particular project I’m involved in, but if I could also pass additional query parameters to customize the qn/task, that would be lovely :slight_smile:

Hi @t.pronk

Welcome to our community. I think it would be hard to explain all that in a forum conversation. I suggest you reach out to my colleague, Amin (, and he can discuss the details with you.


Thanks @m.hashemian; I’ll reach out to Amin