Ethica Survey Trouble


I have a participant who says she’s been receiving mobile surveys. However, in Ethica, it still shows this participant in the “pending invitations” section, which usually means she has not completed Ethica set up. I am unable to see the participants progress and survey responses.

I also have another participant who says she has not received any Ethica surveys at all. However, Ethica shows that she has been receiving surveys, but has not completed any of them.

Hi @uofldailymoodstudy

I highly suspect the participant has enrolled in the study under a different account. That’s because if the system shows a participant as “Invited” but not “Registered”, it means the participant has not joined the study yet, and therefore no data can be collected.

Can you tell me the Participant ID of the participant (she can find it in the app by going to the app’s Settings), and also the ID of the invited participant?