Personalized questions for a specific participant


I kindly ask you if there is the option to give the possibility to specific participants to answer to personalized questions in the survey.

Here the design of my study: each participant answers to a 5 questions standard survey, 5 times per day, for 2 weeks. However, before the participant can start to answer, we ask him/her if she/he wants to add one personalized question to his/her survey. Then, we add this one question to the standard survey, just for him/her.

It would be great if I could put in the criteria of a specific question the Ethica ID of the participant, once enrolled, to specify that uniquely that specific subject can see that question choosen by him/her.

Is there any possibility to do that? Or, is there any suggestion you can give me to solve this problem?
Hope that my request make sense.

Thank you very much for your availability and your time!

Hi @giovanbatti.andreol2,

You need to ask the question A to determine if they want to add this extra question and if Yes ask a follow up question B which its criteria is set based on their response to the question A. Then you need to set a placeholder referring to participants’ response to question B, when showing them the question C later on, with the same criteria set on question B.

For more information, please look at placeholders.

I hope the above helps. Let us know if had any other question.


Thank you, Faham.

However, I have got a second question.
What if I personally decide the personalized question for my participant?
That is, I choose a question to ask to my participant, and I need to add this to the 5 standard questions asked to everyone. My participant does not have to know his/her personalized question that I choose until he/she replies to the survey. Same for the other participants: they all have the first 5 questions same for everyone, but the sixth question that is personal. They do not know what this sixth question could be, until they have to reply.

Is there a way that I can find to do that?
Thank you very much.


Hi @giovanbatti.andreol2

Sorry for the delay in reply. Unfortunately there is no way to achieve the design you explained, at least no easy way. There are some hacks that you can use, and it works on small sample sizes, but for anything more than 15 to 20 participants those hacks also will not work.

What @faham suggested above assumed the “personalization” you had in mind can be achieved using Placeholders. That requires the base question to be the same, and then you combine that base question with answer from participant to another question. But if you want to define different questions for each person by yourself, well, I cannot think of a way.

Sorry for that,

Dear Mohammad,

Thank you very much for your reply. I understand there is not easy way, but I really appreciate your efforts in helping me understand how to solve this issue.

We have found a solution that seems to work until now, that is: we communicate at the beginning of the research a personal code the participant has to select in a first single-choice question he/she received once Ethica is installed. Every participant has his/her personal code. This single-choice question reports all the personal codes we have assigned (once per participant; fortunately we expect to collect a low number of subjects) as possible answers. We have set some criteria where, based on the answer to this first question, the participant receives a personalized survey that is identical for the first 5 questions and personal for the sixth question.

Hope this possible solution can be of help for researchers with my same problem.

Again, thank you for your availability!


That was one of the alternatives I had in mind @giovanbatti.andreol2 , which works ok for a small sample size, but as you pointed to, it will not work for larger ones.

Glad that you could find a workaround. Best of luck with the rest of your research and let us know if we can help in any other way.

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