Battery optimization prompts

Hi, the “study setup is incomplete” for the battery optimization keeps appearing on my participant’s Oppo phone (15815) for the study (905). She has already followed the instructions to switch off battery optimization, but the “study setup is incomplete” is still prompted. May I check if there are any other phone models with this problem and will this affect the data collection? Thank you!

Hi @xinhui.chua

There are quite a few study participants using Oppo phones, but no one has mentioned this issue so far. I’m unsure what are the exact settings in Oppo devices, but I suspect if the participant excludes Ethica from battery optimization, the notification will disappear. You can read here instructions on how to do that, though it might be a bit different in the exact type of device the participant is using.

Hope this helps


As my participant was using a different model, I was unable to find the relevant settings from the webpage provided. She did some troubleshooting on her phone and it seems that the prompt for “study setup is incomplete” is gone. Thanks for your help!