Participants seemingly dropped from study

Dear Ethica support, dear @m.hashemian,

Two of our study participants who were registered in a study, suddenly get the message that the study was done. I had them resync their phones, but this did not seem to help; one of the respondents let us know that his phone indicated there were no studies to sink.

The problem pertains to study 1603 and participants 34451 (started on June 7) and 33460 (started on June 8).

Thanks in advance!


Update: we just received data from 33460, which seems to imply the problem was solved for them. However, there is still an issue for 34451.


Hi @e.l.demoor

Our logs show that 34451 reloaded the study settings on her phone on 2021-06-10 02:03:07.288-04:00 and received the registration in study 1603 successfully.

Can you please make sure the problem still exist for her?


Hi @m.hashemian,

Thank you for checking. The participant indicated that she did now receive the questionnaires again, but that she has to manually switch to this study (because it defaulted back to the study of the previous wave, which is finished) every time she uses the app.


Thanks for the note @e.l.demoor The apps are configured to always show the last study that the participant has interacted with, even if that’s the one that is already ended. There is a possibility that the participant switched to the old study, closed the app, and then when reopened the app, she was confused as to why she is not seeing the right study. But I will ask my colleagues to check this once just to be sure there is no error in Ethica related to this.