Participant not receiving notifications


I have a participant #39641 who has contacted me to say that she is not receiving the notifications for the study. I have asked her to check that the notifications are checked on her device but they still don’t seem to be going through. This is the only participant that this has happened for.

Is there anything I can do or ask her to do so that this is resolved?

Many thanks,

Hi Will

Unfortunately we do not get device-specific details as to what should be done by a participant to receive in-app notifications. If the notification does not work for a single individual but works for other people in the study it means the study settings are correct and the participant’s device settings have to change.

If the participant cannot figure out what changes are needed on her device, the alternative is to use Email or SMS notifications. They both need email or phone number of the participant to be recorded by Ethica and verified which might be against the Ethics application of the study. Also SMS notifications will incur costs both on the study (cost of Ethica sending those notifications) and on the participant (network charges).

Hope it helps,