How to stop and start datacollection with study

Dear all,

For my study investigating a parenting intervention we are looking for ways to stop and start data collection for individual participants.

E.g., participant X fills in questionnaires (3 daily) for 8 days, then has a 10 day break and then questionnaires start again for 8 days.

How do I turn their prompts/data collection on and off? All participants in our study follow a similar data collection flow, but will start on different dates and may have different baseline periods. So, I have to be able to personalize their prompts.

I’m grateful for you assistance!

Brechtje de Mooij

Dear @l.s.demooij

Welcome to Ethica.Unfortunately Ethica does not support this yet. This is been in our backlog but have not got to it yet.

To do so, you may create multiple studies in Ethica, but that will have its own coordination complications.

Another approach is to record data continuously and delete unwanted data (not ideal either).


Hi Mohammad,

Thank your for your response. I’m sad to hear that’s not possible yet! Creating mutiple studies might be an easy solution, but as you say might be challenging to coordinate. Do you think it could work to make various activities within our current study, which we then release at different moments for the different participants?

Recording the data continuously is not an option, as this would be too burdensome for our participants (our study runs for ~1.5 month).


Hi @l.s.demooij

To be clear, you can set your study to send prompts for 8 days, have 10 day break, and then another 8. But you cannot configure your sensors to collect data on that schedule.