Postpone the start day of the questionnaires

For my pilot study 3360 I am planning to go to the participants to help them installing Ethica. I want the continuous questionnaires to start the next morning. Now I set the notification template at start after 1 day, but this results in the questionnaires starting to appear form 24h later. So, for example when I visit the participant at 3 PM, I want the questionnaires to start next morning, not at 3 PM the next day.
How can I change this in my settings?

Dear k.engels
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There are 2 concepts here you need to consider; Triggering Logic and Notification Templates. If you want the session to be prompted next morning you have to set a Time Triggering Logic and choose the settings according to what you desire. You can check here for more info on how to set your triggering logic. Also, remember the Notification Templates are only for notifying the participant or the researcher based on specific events.

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Dear Hamed,

Thank you for your response. In my study I have 8 time triggering logics:

  1. Between 1 day at 09:00:00 And 1 day at 10:40:00
  2. Between 1 day at 10:40:00 And 1 day at 12:20:00
  3. Between 1 day at 12:20:00 And 1 day at 14:00:00
  4. Between 1 day at 14:00:00 And 1 day at 15:40:00
  5. Between 1 day at 15:40:00 And 1 day at 17:20:00
  6. Between 1 day at 17:20:00 And 1 day at 19:00:00
  7. Between 1 day at 19:00:00 And 1 day at 20:40:00
  8. Between 1 day at 20:40:00 And 1 day at 22:20:00

So, when I visit the participant around 3 PM I want the questionnaires to start the next morning between 9:00 and 10:40. We ask the questionnaires for 6 days, after this period there is a 2-day break. After the 2-day break there is another observation period of 6 days. I experienced problem with the fact that when I visited the participant at 3 PM on the inclusion day, on the last observation day the last trigger occurred around 3 PM, instead of between 20:40 and 22:20. What should I change in my settings?

Dear k.engels,

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It seems to me you should get the result you expect based on your explanation. Is this happening only on the last day (6th day)? Is it being prompted correctly for other days?
Also, can you check if you have selected Study Registration Date as your Base Time? If it’s not that, all of the times will be calculated based on when the participant joined the study. So, if they enroll at 3:00 PM, then Between 1 day at 09:00:00 And 1 day at 10:40:00 will not behave as you expect.

I hope this helps. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions.



Yes, I used Study Registration Date as base time. The issue only occurs on the last day.
When I visit the participants to join the study on a specific day (day 0), the first trigger occurs the next morning (day 1).
This is accurate and repeats for each observation day. However, on the final observation day (day 14), the questionnaire prompts stop at the time of the registration on day 0. Consequently, if I visited a participant at 3 PM, the last questionnaire on day 14 reflects the time of the registration, namely 3 PM. I am aiming for the last observation day to align with the entire notification schedule, regardless of the registration time.

Dear k.engels,

Thanks for reaching out to us again in forum.

Based on your explanations, it seems that the problem exists with your Participation Duration. You can change the time from 14 to 15 days and see whether it’s solved or not.
Let me know if this solves the problem.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if the problem still remains.