Data export status stuck at idle


I’m trying to download data from our study, and when I attempt to export GPS data, the status is stuck at idle. I’ve tried this multiple times, but no luck.

I’ve had this problem before and had it resolved by contacting support, but there doesn’t seem to be that option anymore.

Thank you.

Hi @jaywoo

I believe this was simply a delay. I can see the files are processed right now.

Thank you,

Hi @m.hashemian,

Thank you for the response! Now in the data export page I’m seeing “no exported data available” with a pop-up error message saying “Something went wrong. Please refresh the page and try again” Is there something I can do to fix this?

Thank you.

I believe this is related to a recent change we made to the website, and likely your browser is still using the “cached” version of the old site. Can you please refresh your browser and see if this is still happening? I suspect it should resolve the issue.

Thank you