Data export Idle

Hi there,
I am experiences troubles exporting data from the Dashboard to .csv files. Status of the export remains on ‘idle’. Can you fix this? Or tell me how to?

Hi, I’m having the same issue.

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

Thanks so much,

Hi all,

We are migrating our database that stores sensor data to a stronger server. As part of this, the data will not be accessible for a few days. That’s why you are experiencing the issue in data export and the files don’t have the records you expect.

If you are exporting survey responses, they should work as expected right now. For exporting sensor data, would you mind trying data export early next week?

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It works again! Thanks!

Hi @m.hashemian,

I’m running into this issue now, with the data export status coming up as “idle”. Do you know when the export functionality will come back online?


Hi @pluehrin

All data exports should be processed now.

Thank you,

Hi @m.hashemian,

Data export status again remains on Idle. Will this work again soon?

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Hi @d.hulsmans

It might have been a slowdown in export processing. I checked now and all exports are already processed.

Thanks for letting me know,

Hi @m.hashemian,

I have this problem now. Will it work again soon?

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Hi @lgosens,

I couldn’t find your export, could you please let us know which study is it?