Problem with Survey appearance

Hi there. I have received feedback from participant 52704 in study 2241 that they have not received any surveys today (the 9am survey). I noticed that there is an input for April 13 at time 23:14. How is this timestamp possible? Just wondering what is going on from the participants end. Thanks!

Hi @marim.adel

I think you are confusing a few things. The survey you are referring to (the one with the “time 23:14”), was scheduled and prompted at 9 pm, based on the 5th triggering logic of its survey, and was responded after 2 hours and 14 minutes, at 23:14.


Hi @m.hashemian

Could you please clarify how the participant could have responded to a survey at a time that had not yet occurred? I have also received feedback from the pariticpant that they did not receive any surveys all day on April 13 but the surveys were made available again today (April 14).