Participation period issues


My question is, how can we manually set the participation period in such a way that even when the registration occurs beforehand the participant only starts receiving surveys during participation period?
I tried to do this (study 676) but I had some discrepancies: I manually set the participation period (2019-07-21 until 2019-08-16). Normally the survey should begin the day after the participation period, which was expected as 2019-07-22. For some reason, the system started triggering the surveys the day after registration (registration: 2019-07-17). Do you have any explanation for this discrepancy or have any tips for how I can set participation periods that start later than the registration date?

One other thing I am trying to figure out is why the survey 3518 was prompted at 07:59:40 (see below for Kibana) when I set the trigger time between 09:00-11:00. On the other hand, under “survey sessions” I see a different time issued for this participant, which is at 09:59.
Can you help me make sense of which of these trigger times was correct for user ID 13607 on 2019-07-21?

July 21st 2019, 18:01:13.607 Survey ID 3518 scheduled at 2019-07-21 07:59:39 UTC and prompted at 2019-07-21 07:59:40 UTC was marked as 3.

Hi @m.karacaoglu

Regarding your first question, I suspect the problem is that participant’s device is not updated after you change the participation period. So the participant joins in the study, and the app is being told by your study that the start and end time of the participation is from 2019-07-17 to some time. Then you change the participation time for that individual to 2019-07-21 until 2019-08-16, but the app still does not know this, so continues to operate based on the previous dates.
To solve this, you need to make sure participant’s app receives the changes after you modify the dates. That’s explained in more detail here.

Regarding the discrepancy in the time, that’s because the data in Kibana are shown by default in your local timezone (i.e. your browser timezone), while the data on Ethica’s website is based on participant’s local timezone. I suspect you and your participant are not in the same timezone. That’s why one shows 07:59:40 and the other one says 09:59:40.

Hope this helps,

Thanks so much for the answers Mohammad! It’s clear now.

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