When downloading data in a CSV format session scheduled time goes wrong

In Ethica I can see under ‘survey responses’ that my surveys were sent on the correct scheduled time. However, when downloading the data in CSV format the ‘session scheduled time’ column does not match the scheduled time as displayed in Ethica under ‘survey responses’. The one displayed under ‘survey responses’ is the correct one. Something seems to go wrong when downloading the data. Can you offer me support?

Dear @l.i.m.lenferink

Thank you for reaching out to us.
The reason behind this is that we represent the “Scheduled Time” field on the researcher dashboard in your time zone but in the export, we will put the value in the participant timezone.
Please check the export against the dashboard again and let me know if you see any inconsistencies.

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Dear MohammadHossein,
Thanks for your quick response. But I am in the same timezone as my participants. When downloading the data all timepoints are messed up; when ordering them in Excel they are not in the same order as the order that is presented in researcher dashboard.

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Dear @l.i.m.lenferink,

Sorry for the late response.
Are you using the old format export?

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