Weekly Release Notes - 2024-1-22

Dear Users,

Our January 22 update brings significant improvements to our platform, focusing on resolving specific issues to enhance user experience and system reliability. Here are the detailed descriptions of the main problems addressed in this release:

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes:

  • One-off Notification Visibility:

    • Previously, there was a problem with one-off notifications sent to participants not being shown on the Notifications page. We have resolved this to ensure that all such notifications are now accurately logged and visible.
  • Handling of Dropout Survey Expiry:

    • Participants were able to change their responses in Dropout Surveys after the expiry time had passed. We’ve addressed this by implementing a lock on responses post-expiry to maintain the integrity and validity of survey results.
  • Exporting Invitation Data with Correct Site Details:

    • When exporting CSV files of pending invitations, there were 2 issues: the exported file for ‘All Sites’ didn’t include a column indicating the site for each invitation, and the file for a specific site incorrectly included invitations for all sites, rather than just those pertaining to the selected site. We have addressed this issue to include precise site details and appropriately filter invitations per site.
  • Standardization of Activity Response Data Display:

    • There was misalignment in the presentation of question IDs and labels in the Activity Responses table. Specifically, the expected behavior was to display questions as Q{Question ID}: {Question Label}, but the actual behavior was Q{Activity ID} {Question ID}: Question Label. We have resolved this issue, and now you can expect questions to be displayed as expected.
  • Accuracy in Displaying Participant Information:

    • There was an issue with the participation table and export functionality when PII (Personally Identifiable Information) was disabled in a study. Specifically, the table was not displaying the email addresses, first names, and last names provided by researchers during participant invitations. Furthermore, if a participant signed up but didn’t join the study, their provided details replaced the researcher’s entries, even when PII was enabled. We have resolved this issue to ensure that the participation table and its exports accurately reflect the details entered by the researcher at the time of invitation, maintaining consistency in participant information.
  • Navigation from Data Sources Page:

    • Users were being incorrectly redirected from the Data Sources page to the My Studies page instead of the Data Export page when trying to export the data from Data Sources page. This navigation issue has been fixed, ensuring correct redirection to the Data Export page.
  • Criteria Editor Functionality:

    • There was an issue with the criteria editor that we’ve resolved in this update. When transitioning from typing mode to interactive mode, the logic grouping of conditions was incorrect. For instance, entering a condition like “Q2==0 OR Q2 == Q2 AND Q2 == Q15089_3” should have grouped the last two conditions connected by the “AND” operator. However, the actual behavior was that the first two conditions connected by the “OR” operator were grouped instead. We’ve fixed this issue, ensuring that the criteria editor accurately groups conditions as intended.

We value your feedback and are dedicated to continuously improving our platform. Please share your thoughts on these updates through our Community Forum or directly via Email.