Weekly Release Notes - 2024-05-21

Hello everyone,

Exciting news! Our latest update is here, filled with a new feature, refined functionalities, bug fixes, and user experience enhancements. Your feedback was definitely part of shaping these changes. Explore the highlights of this release below:

:rocket: New Features

Logs for changes in participant device state

Avicenna now utilizes the participant device state changes to offer insights into different states and settings of a device, ranging from battery life to connectivity. Researchers can use such logs to detect possible issues affecting participant compliance. This feature is part of the groundwork for one of our upcoming features, Audit Trail v2. For detailed information, visit Device State Index in Kibana on the Avicenna Learn website.

:sparkles: Improvements

Skipping permissions for wearable data sources

We enhanced the platform to allow participants to skip the required permissions for wearable data sources (e.g. Fitbit or Garmin) by indicating that they do not have such a device. You can read more about it here.

Multi-study custom participant apps

Now, custom participant apps (Android and iOS) can allow participants to join more than one study. Previously, participants were restricted to a single study when using such apps. If your study has a custom app in Avicenna and you want to remove this restriction, you can contact our sales team at sales@avicennaresearch.com. Learn more about this here.

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes

Broken public surveys

We resolved an issue where respondents encountered an error message when trying to open a public survey by accessing its link.

Hidden activity groups’ titles on study homepage

We fixed an issue on the participant web app where the titles of Auto-Triggered Activities and Participant-Triggered Activities were hidden on the homepage of the study. Now, the app displays those titles according to the study settings.

We appreciate your ongoing feedback and support, driving continuous improvement in Avicenna Research with every release. We trust that you will benefit from these latest updates. Your input is and will be invaluable to us, so please share any comments or questions on our Community Forum or contact us directly via Email. Stay tuned for more updates coming your way!