Weekly Release Notes - 2024-04-09

Greetings everyone,

Happy spring. The weather is getting warmer and most of our team decided to use this as an excuse and enjoy outdoors a bit. That’s why we didn’t have release notes for last week. We’re back with a lot more energy.

We’re excited to share our latest updates for the week of Apr. 9th 2024, filled with enhancements and bug fixes. Our team has been diligently addressing reported issues and implementing new improvements to improve your experience. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve been up to:

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes:

  • Question placeholders in public surveys:

    • Resolved an issue where question placeholders in public surveys from the same survey/session were not displayed even if there was a response by the anonymous participant of that session.
  • Signing up as a participant after being invited:

    • Fixed an issue preventing invited participants from signing up, caused by case sensitivity in username (email address) validation. Now, that validation is removed and participants can sign up or log in with their email addresses no matter if the email address has uppercase letters.
  • Uploaded media survey answers in response history:

    • Corrected a bug where media answers (video, audio, and image) were displayed as Unanswered in the history of responses, whether on the Activity Responses page or while editing survey responses on the Activity Sessions page.
  • Publishing surveys not being reflected in the editor:

    • Resolved an issue where publishing surveys weren’t accurately reflected in the activity editor. Now, after publishing surveys, the Publish button gets disabled and the Draft version converts to a Published version without the need to refresh the page.
  • Updating editor’s content after importing a survey:

    • Fixed a bug preventing survey configurations (content, triggering logics, etc.) from being updated after importing a survey within the editor, ensuring changes are reflected properly.
  • Loading the Matrix Reasoning test:

    • Resolved an issue where the Matrix Reasoning activity failed to load on participant apps and participants faced an error message.
  • Study information not being displayed after opening the invitation link:

    • Fixed the flow for joining a new study, where the Android app failed to display study information after opening the invitation link.
  • Entering large study IDs:

    • Implemented a fix to prevent crashes on iOS apps when entering large numbers for study IDs (8+ digits) during the study join process. We fixed this for Android in our previous release. Again, although we don’t have large study IDs at the moment (all are 5 digits or less), we’ve implemented a fix to prevent such crashes.

:sparkles: Improvements:

  • Reverting to the last published survey version:
    • Improved survey version management by removing the 'Revert to This Version" for the last published version, streamlining the process with a ‘Discard’ option for the draft version.

:x: Removals:

  • The old version of Roles and Permissions:
    • Removed the old version of Roles and Permission for all studies, replacing it with the new version featuring new and enhanced functionalities as the default.

We greatly appreciate your valuable feedback and continued support, driving us to make Avicenna even better with each update. Hopefully you will find these changes useful. We’re always eager to hear your thoughts, so please don’t hesitate to share them with us on our Community Forum or via Email. Stay tuned for more exciting updates ahead!