Weekly Release Notes - 2024-03-05

Hello everyone,

We’re pleased to share the latest fixes in our recent update on 2024-03-05. Our team has addressed several issues to enhance your experience. Here’s a summary:

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes:

  • Incomplete Survey Response History Presentation:
    • Previously, excluding the latest response in a survey question’s response history might have led to a fragmented understanding. We fixed this by including the current/last response for a complete view, enhancing analysis.
  • Triggering Logic Type Presentation Issue:
    • Triggering logic types have been presented using numbers in the Activity Responses page of the researcher dashboard, leading to confusion. To improve clarity, we’ve resolved these issues, ensuring human-readable triggering logic types.
  • Study List Persistence After Update Interruption:
    • Interruptions (e.g. app being closed) during iOS study updates caused the previous study list to disappear, creating an empty list until the next successful update. To address this, we’ve fixed the bug, ensuring the previous study list remains available after an interrupted update on the iOS app.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback. If you encounter any further issues or have suggestions, please share them on our Community Forum or contact us via Email. Stay tuned for more updates!