Weekly Release Notes - 2024-02-06

Hello everyone,

This week, we’re excited to share updates that significantly improve functionality and user experience across our platform, highlighting the introduction of the Roles and Permissions feature. Here’s what’s new:

:rocket: New Features:

  • :star2: Introducing Roles and Permissions:
    • With this significant upgrade, we’re rolling out the Roles and Permissions feature to offer enhanced control over team access. This allows for detailed management of data accessibility and action permissions across your team. It’s especially useful for larger studies, improving security and operational efficiency. Features include:
      • The ability to define multiple roles within your study, detailing data access and action permissions for each role.
      • Access a centralized list of all researchers, making it easy to invite new colleagues, revoke access, or assign roles to manage permissions efficiently.
      • The option to manage access to different parts of the study and pages on the researcher dashboard, including site access for multi-site projects.

For detailed information, visit our Roles and Permissions guide on the Avicenna Learn website.

:sparkles: Improvements:

  • Comprehensive Chinese Language Support:

    • Our platform now fully supports the Chinese language inside all of our participant app. This includes both user interface changes and the ability to translate study protocols, ensuring a smooth and consistent experience for Chinese-speaking users.
  • Enhanced Barcode Scanning Capability in Mobile Apps:

    • Our mobile apps have been enhanced to include built-in barcode scanning capabilities, specifically for QR codes and barcodes. This update eliminates the need for third-party scanning apps and improves compatibility and efficiency across participant devices.

We’re dedicated to continuous improvement, guided by your feedback. These updates aim to enhance your experience, improve security, and support global inclusivity.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We welcome your feedback on our Community Forum or via Email. Stay tuned for more enhancements!