Weekly Release Notes - 2023-12-5

Hello everyone,

Our update on December 5th focuses on direct interventions to enhance system performance and resolve specific technical challenges. Here’s what we’ve implemented:

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved Chat Page TypeError:

    • We fixed a type error on the chat page caused by user IDs not being found. This should resolve any crashes or malfunctions you experienced while using the chat feature.
  • Fixed Query Function Errors:

    • We corrected issues in our query functions where undefined values led to TypeError. This enhancement ensures more consistent and error-free data querying.

:wrench: Technical Updates:

  • Query Function Error Corrected:

    • We modified our system to accept participant IDs as string values, enhancing data integration and improving system compatibility with varied data sources.
  • Anonymous User ID Handling Improved:

    • We improved the handling of anonymous participant IDs, reducing errors and streamlining the user experience in anonymous surveys.
  • Survey Response Issue for Anonymous Users Fixed:

    • We’ve fixed an issue where anonymous users were unable to complete audio, image, and video questions in surveys, leading to unanswered responses. You should now be able to complete these types of questions without being forced to skip.

Your insights and feedback drive our technical advancements. If you have technical inquiries or encounter additional issues, please connect with us via our Community Forum or Email. We’re committed to continual improvement and support.

Looking forward to our next round of updates!