Weekly Release Notes - 2023-12-26

Hello everyone,

In our December 26th update at Avicenna Research, we’ve focused on making your experience more efficient and user-friendly. Here’s a detailed look at how the latest changes will directly benefit you:

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes:

  • Enhanced Survey Interaction and Feedback Accessibility

    • Export Email Notification: We have fixed the issue of not receiving email after the export for survey responses is ready.
    • Smoother Eligibility Survey Participation: We’ve eliminated the validation error in eligibility surveys. Now, participants can seamlessly submit their responses, ensuring uninterrupted participation.
    • Complete Audio/Text Question Responses Visibility: You can now see both audio and text responses in surveys, enabling a comprehensive review of participant’s answer.
  • Improved Survey Management and Historical Tracking

    • Streamlined Eligibility Survey Publishing: Publishing eligibility surveys is more intuitive. You can effortlessly update criteria and publish without errors.
    • Reliable Survey Version Tracking: Accurate Publish Dates and Notes for survey versions are now displayed, making it easier to track changes and updates.
  • Optimized Template and Data Source Handling

    • Effective SMS Template Management: The SMS notification templates are now fully visible and editable, allowing you to craft and modify your SMS communications efficiently.
    • Improved Data Source Method Selection on Researcher Dashboard: We’ve resolved a frontend issue affecting the data source method dropdown. Now, when you change the upload method, the corresponding button text updates immediately to reflect your choice, eliminating the need to reload the page for accurate display.
  • Stability and Usability Enhancements on the Platform

    • Enhanced Tracking for Stroop Activity Sessions with Time Triggering Logic: We’ve fixed the display issues on the Participant Dashboard related to Stroop activities using Time triggering logic. This ensures participants can now view these specific activity sessions without encountering any errors.
    • Instant Study Information Updates: Upon switching between studies, you’ll notice that study settings and background images reload instantly, keeping you up-to-date with the latest information.
    • Accurate Survey Criteria Editing: Editing survey criteria is now error-free, with correct grouping displayed in the Criteria Editor, simplifying the survey setup process.

We value your feedback as it helps us continually improve. If you have suggestions or need assistance, please reach out to us on our Community Forum or via Email. We’re here to ensure that Avicenna Research works seamlessly for you.