Weekly Release Notes - 2023-11-20

Hello everyone,

We’re thrilled to announce our latest update on November 20, 2023. This release mainly focuses on enhancements and resolutions to issues that you have reported to us. Below is an in-depth look at the changes we have made this week:

:sparkles: Improvements:

  • Data Export Email Template Enhancement:
    • Specific Changes: We have improved the email template used to notify researchers about data export completion. The new template now includes detailed information about the type of data being exported (e.g., Survey Responses, Activity Logs), the file format (e.g., CSV, XLSX), and a straightforward download link.

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes:

  • Accurate Button Caption Display in Researcher Dashboard:

    • Issue Resolved: In certain scenarios, the button caption in the participant app was shown incorrectly. In these cases, the app was showing survey name instead of the button caption specified in the Triggering Logic. We addressed this issue and made sure the button caption is correctly displayed in all scenarios.
  • Image Display Correction in Survey Responses:

    • Improvement Explained: In response to reports of image answers in surveys being displayed as URLs, we have implemented a fix. Images in Single Answer and Multiple Answer Questions will now display correctly in the Survey Responses section, offering a more visually intuitive way for you to analyze responses.
  • Unauthorized Error Resolution After Email Change:

    • Problem Fixed: Changing an email address in the Researcher Dashboard was causing an unauthorized error. We’ve fixed this, and made sure that after the email update, the system either logs you out for re-authentication, or updates the username without any interruption.
  • Restoration of Study License Status Indicator:

    • What We’ve Done: The study license status icon was not being properly displayed for all studies on the Researcher Dashboard. This is fixed and we made sure the license information is correctly shown for all studies.
  • Gamification Activity Response Viewing and CSV Export:

    • Resolved Issues: We’ve fixed the issue that was preventing researchers to view the interactions to their study’s gamification activity. While working on it, we’ve also improved the functionality and reliability of the ‘Export as CSV’ feature.
  • Cross-Browser Audio Recorder Compatibility:

    • Enhancement Details: The audio recorder feature within surveys had compatibility issues across different browsers. We’ve upgraded this feature, ensuring that audio recordings made by researchers are consistently playable, regardless of the browser used, thereby improving the overall survey experience for participants.
  • Activity Name Consistency in Researcher Dashboard:

    • Issue Addressed: Inconsistencies in activity names, particularly for those in draft mode, were causing confusion. We’ve updated our system to ensure that the names displayed in the Researcher Dashboard are accurate and match the actual activity names, fostering a more reliable and intuitive environment for managing your activities.

Thank you for your continued engagement and feedback, which are instrumental in shaping Avicenna Research. We’re committed to delivering a platform that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Should you have any questions or require further clarifications on these updates, please feel free to reach out on our Community Forum or contact us directly via Email. Your insights are invaluable to us, and we look forward to bringing you more improvements and features in the future.