Weekly Release Notes - 2023-11-13

Hello everyone,

We are thrilled to introduce our latest update, scheduled for October 13th. In this release, we’ve focused on enhancing your experience and resolving issues reported by our users. Here’s what you can expect:

:rocket: New Features:

  • Improved Participant Privacy in Studies:
    • We’ve implemented additional measures to safeguard participant anonymity within studies, offering robust protection in public sessions.

:sparkles: Improvements:

  • Optimized Activity Response Management:
    • Our team has worked to streamline the management of activities in draft mode, ensuring a smoother user experience on the Activity Responses page.

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes:

  • Notification Template Display Enhancement:

    • We’ve resolved an issue where icons representing means of communication were not displaying correctly for specific activities within the Notification Templates column.
  • Criteria Selection Refinement in Survey Design:

    • We addressed a bug in the survey design process that was displaying all question types, even those unrelated to the criteria set.

We appreciate your valuable feedback, which fuels our continuous improvement. Please feel free to share your thoughts on our Community Forum or reach out via Email. Stay tuned for more updates in the near future!