Weekly Release Notes - 2023-10-30


We’re pleased to announce our latest update, focusing on enhancements, bug fixes, and introducing new features. This release addresses user-reported issues and implements improvements for a more efficient experience. Below is the detailed breakdown:

:rocket: New Features:

  • Activity Response Filtering Expansion:
    • Responding to user feedback, we’ve broadened our Activity Responses page filtering capabilities. Now, it supports a range of activity types beyond Surveys. Key improvements include:
      • FilterBox revamped to accurately handle activity type in search and download queries.
      • URL state updated to incorporate the new ‘activityId’ parameter.
    • These updates aim to provide a more versatile and intuitive interface for managing responses across diverse activities.

:sparkles: Improvements:

  • File Validation Enhancement:
    • We’ve advanced our file validation process to ensure heightened data security. The system now strictly accepts uploads of files with verified mime types, preventing the possibility of unapproved data infiltrations.

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes:

  • CSV File Download Error Fixed:

    • Resolved an issue where users encountered a “Forbidden” error when downloading CSV files. This was due to a mismatch in credential cookies. The fix ensures proper credential cookie alignment, enabling successful downloads.
  • PII Fields Display Issue Addressed:

    • Corrected a frontend issue where PII fields on the Participation Page were not displaying correctly due to a rendering error. PII fields are now properly visible when activated.
  • Join Study Page Loading Bug Resolved:

    • Fixed a frontend issue causing an endless loading state on the Join Study page. The page now functions correctly, eliminating the infinite loading problem.

Your feedback is invaluable in our ongoing effort to improve Avicenna Research. We believe these updates will enhance your experience with our platform. Please continue to share your thoughts and inquiries on our Community Forum or via Email. Look forward to more updates