Weekly Release Notes - 2023-10-24


We are pleased to announce our platform update scheduled for October 24th. This release concentrates on improving usability and stability. Here are the specifics:

:rocket: Feature Upgrades:

  • Enhanced Filterbox Functionality:

    • You now have the ability to create, edit, rename, duplicate, and apply filters directly to your data for more precise analysis. Additionally, filter management has been simplified, enabling you to efficiently manage and apply filters through the Filter dropdown menu. The data export functionality has also been optimized, allowing for more efficient exporting of data based on your filtered results.

    Read more about this feature on our Learn website.

  • Survey Display Improvements:

    • Refined survey display mechanisms to present questions more clearly and accurately, based on participant responses, for an improved user experience.

:sparkles: Improvements:

  • German Language Localization Enhancement:

    • Revised the German translation for reloading studies to better convey the intended meaning, improving clarity for German-speaking users.
  • Automated Android App Deployment:

    • Implemented a new GitLab CI job for the Android app deployment process, allowing for quicker and more consistent updates without manual developer input.

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes:

  • Authentication Error Resolution:

    • Fixed an issue where a 401 authentication error could lead to app crashes, enhancing application stability.
  • Enhanced Crash Reporting System:

    • Corrected the DSN addresses to improve crash reporting accuracy and timeliness on Android and iOS platforms.
  • Data Export Functionality Repair:

    • Addressed a bug affecting CSV data export on the Participation page, resolving issues with progress indication and unexpected filter box appearances.
  • UI Consistency Corrections:

    • Eliminated unnecessary reloads after renaming actions, ensuring a more seamless user interface experience.

We continue to focus on enhancing our platform and value your feedback. For any inquiries or suggestions, feel free to participate in our Community Forum or reach out to us directly via Email. More updates will be coming soon.