Weekly Release Notes - 2023-10-16


We are pleased to announce our October 2023 update, focusing on significant technical enhancements and brand evolution. Below are the key developments effective as of October 16, 2023.

:rocket: New Features:

  • Dual-Branding Introduction:
    • The Participant’s App now incorporates the Avicenna brand with Ethica. This marks the beginning of our comprehensive rebranding strategy.

:sparkles: Improvements:

  • Platform Rebranding:

  • Advanced Error Reporting Mechanism:

    • Expanded our error detection capabilities. All unhandled errors are now systematically reported to Sentry, enhancing system stability and facilitating faster issue resolution.

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes:

  • Survey Navigation Correction:

    • Resolved an issue in survey navigation that led to automatic progression in multi-question surveys, ensuring a more controlled user interaction.
  • Eligibility Survey Functionality Repair:

    • Fixed bugs in RDash affecting the creation and editing of eligibility surveys, improving reliability in survey criteria management and publishing.

:warning: Deprecations:

  • GraphQL Endpoint Phase-Out:
    • In line with our API architecture evolution, specific GraphQL endpoints have been deprecated to enhance data processing efficiency and platform performance.

:x: Removals:

  • Enhancing Privacy in Survey Responses:
    • Removed device IDs from public survey responses to bolster respondent privacy and data security.

:wrench: Technical Updates:

  • API Architecture Overhaul:

    • Transitioned 37 queries from GraphQL to REST, optimizing backend processes and setting the stage for future technological integrations.
  • Notification System Update Protocol Refinement:

    • Revised the notification update protocol to activate only for substantive template edits, streamlining communication processes.

Your feedback is essential in guiding our development. This update represents our ongoing commitment to delivering a secure, efficient, and user-centric platform. We encourage you to explore these changes and share your feedback with us on our Community Forum or via Email. We look forward to your insights as we continue to enhance our platform.