Weekly Release Notes - 2023-10-09

Hello Users,

We are pleased to announce our latest app release, featuring advanced updates and essential fixes. Below is a detailed overview of these enhancements:

:rocket: New Features:

  • Customizable Notification Templates:
    • Integration of dynamic placeholders in our notification system across iOS and Android platforms. This update allows for complex message customization using variables like user names and specific activity metrics, enhancing personalization in user communications.

:sparkles: Improvements:

  • Advanced Criteria Logic in Notifications:

    • We’ve upgraded the notification triggering mechanism by refining the processing of logical operators. This improvement ensures a higher precision in the relevance and timing of notifications, thus elevating the user experience.
  • Comprehensive UI/UX Rebranding:

    • Complete redesign of both frontend and backend interfaces, focusing on user experience optimization. This includes intuitive navigation elements and enhanced visual presentation, aimed at improving user interaction efficiency.
  • Optimized iOS Deployment Pipeline:

    • Streamlining of the iOS app release workflow has been implemented. This enhancement reduces the development-to-deployment cycle, facilitating quicker updates and more efficient resolution of issues for our iOS user base.

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes (Enhanced Stability):

  • Notification System and UI Corrections:

    • Resolution of various bugs, including notification system errors and user interface discrepancies. Key fixes include addressing IllegalArgumentExceptions causing app crashes, correcting survey progression issues, and fixing data synchronization errors with Fitbit devices.
  • DateTime Accuracy in Calendar Module:

    • Fixed a critical bug in the calendar module where date and time displays were inaccurate. This update ensures precise scheduling and planning functionalities within the app.

:lock: Security Updates (Enhanced Data Protection):

  • Robust Cloud-Based Data Security:
    • Improved security protocols for Garmin and Fitbit integrations. This includes advanced encryption and secure data handling practices, reinforcing the protection of user data against potential vulnerabilities.

:wrench: Technical Updates:

  • Firebase Cloud Messaging System Upgrade:
    • Transition to the latest version of Firebase Cloud Messaging, enhancing the reliability and efficiency of our notification delivery system.

We are committed to continuously improving our app to provide you with an optimal experience. Your feedback is crucial to our development process. Please share your thoughts and suggestions on our Community Forum or via Email. Stay updated with our future releases!