VAS Scale Error


We have a participant who is having trouble with the VAS scale. When she tries to move the scale to 0, the app says that she has skipped a question. Is there a solution for this?

Hi @uofldailymoodstudy

I suspect the problem is that if the default value of the VAS is set to 0, and the participant also wants to choose 0, she should move the slider a bit away from 0, and then move it back to 0. This way, the slider records the response. If they don’t move the slider at all, the app assumes they don’t want to answer the question.

If you believe this is not the issue and the person is moving the slider and still cannot record the response, please give me the Study ID, the Survey ID, the question ID, and the ID of the participant, and we will investigate this further.

Thank you

I have a similar issue. While it does not say that you have skipped the question, participants feel extremely bothered by the slider as it is. I think it would be clear to particiants why it won’t work if the slider shows 0 at the beginning for indicating the reference point. Like that, it makes sense that you have to move it back and forth to indicate a response.
However, the start of the questions looks like this:

And when participants indicate 0, it will not allow them to move on to the next question (mandatory).

Thus far, I only see the solution to change the scaling from 0-10 to e.g. 1-11, even though this is also counter-intuitive. Would there be a more elegant solution?

thanks @y.s.schittenhelm for reporting this. I will discuss this with my colleagues and we will resolve it as soon as possible.