Using VAS to create a likert scale

Hello, apologies if this is documented somewhere but my search of the learn.ethical resources came up empty: is it possible to create a likert scale with more the just left/right text anchors? By using the VAS scale and setting the max to 2 and the step to 1, I can get a 0 ---- 1 ---- 2 likert scale, but I can only add left and right anchors and when I add labels for the values, those only show up when selected. Basically, I’m hoping to use some discrete likert scales on a horizontal sliding bar and to have text labels (e.g., 0 = not present, 1 = weak, 2 = strong); is this possible?

Hi Zack,

Welcome to the forum and I will be more than happy to help you with this question.

Unfortunately Ethica’s VAS question does not support texts other than left/right anchor. That’s because on the smartphone’s narrow screen, it’s not possible to fit many texts from left to right. Please note that the design of the likert scale as it’s common on web does not directly apply to mobile.

On option is to use the Single Answer Question, and then provide all options such as the following:

0 - Not present
1 - 
2 - 
3 - 
4 - 
5 - Weak
6 - 
7 - 
8 - 
9 - 
10 - Strong

Hope it helps,