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I’m piloting my survey at the moment and the timed triggers appear to be working but the user triggered survey is not. I want this survey to be available the whole duration of the study and for participants to be able to complete it as many times as is needed. At the moment the survey doesn’t seem to appear on the participants phones, there is a button to complete a survey but it is for a blank survey not the one I want them to complete. The study is 1389 and the survey is 11320. Is there something I’m missing here?

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Hi William,

That’s because you have set the following criteria for the triggering logic:

"criteria": "Complete this if your stoma has caused you a problem"

Criteria is not a human-readable text. Rather, it’s a formula, a conditional expression that tells Ethica when to enable or disable this triggering logic. The syntax of this conditional is defined here.

If the criteria does not comply with the syntax, as in this case, Ethica evaluates the criteria to False.

Hope it helps

Thank you, I’ve sorted it. I thought the criteria was for the participants not the app.

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