Use of two different devices in the same study

Hi, I have created a pilot study with Fitbit devices (Charge 4) and now I want to use also Garmin. When I add Garmin as data source, in my app (I am a Fitbit user) a fixed message appears (a red band at the top) that says that my configuration is not complete and that I have to allow Avicenna access to my Garmin data, but I don’t have a Garmin user. Please, how can I solve this?.
Thnak you very much

Hi @marta.alvareza

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Since you added the Garmin data source, the app now expects participants from your study to grant permission to Garmin for data collection, which is why the red banner is appearing. Please note that adding a data source to your study will affect all participants who have participated.

Could you please provide more details about your concerns so that I can assist you more effectively?

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Hi Omid,
Thank you for your replay.
My concern is that Fitbit users don’t have a Garmin account, how are they going to give access to something they don’t have, do I have to create Garmin accounts for Fitbit users, and the other way around?
Thank you very much!