Upload survey from json issues with notification templates and triggering logics

After upload of a json (a survey as new activity) several (new) issues occur:

  • The survey name is now set to “new survey” and not anymore to the name in the uploaded json.
  • The notification templates in the uploaded json were not added and linked anymore.
  • Bugs found in editing notification templates. e.g., new settings are overruled all the time.
  • A survey with 0 triggering logics cannot be published anymore. However, this is needed in my study to start a survey session from the dashboard; see your Json survey scheme: "A survey can have 0 or more triggering logics. If the survey has 0 triggering logic, the only way to release it is to manually do so using the Researcher Dashboard. This is useful for surveys which are not expected to be prompted automatically. "
  • Linking notification templates to a survey with 0 triggering logics generates an error. However, this does make sense for me, eg to be able to generate a notification reminder.

Hi @janhoutveen

Can you please tell me how and when did you generate the JSON files? I know my colleagues have changed the schema of the JSON file in the past year, and if the file is old, it may not load properly in the Survey Editor.

Also, you can find the most recent schema of the surveys here.


Hi Mohammad,
Thank you for your fast reply!
I have tried several json versions that I have created today, they all passed the json survey schema check. I will email you my json.

In addition to that uploaded notification templated do not (id-specific) overwrite previous ones, is it possible to delete unused (i.e., not linked) notification templates? I have noticed that new notifications with new id numbers (different than the numbers in my json file) were generated in other studies.

Thanks for the clarification @janhoutveen . I passed the note to my colleagues at Support. They will follow up as soon as possible.