"Update all devices" not working

Just trying to update everyone’s phone so I can be sure they’ve got the updated surveys I published yesterday. I’ve tried several times and I’m getting this error message:

Sorry, something went wrong on our side.
Please try again, and if still doesn’t work, let us know.

Can you help with this?

Also, a related question: if I change a survey and publish it to everyone in the Study, but I don’t use “Update all devices”, how long would it normally take before everyone gets the updated surveys anyway? (Assuming everyone has their phones turned on, is in Wifi range, etc.)

Hi @atdutoit

Can you confirm this issue you mentioned here is related to the study #150?

Also, if you do not use the Update all devices option, it usually takes around a week or so for all devices to receive the changes.


Yes, it was related to Study 150. Thanks.

Thanks, @atdutoit, for pointing this out. There was a glitch on our end which is resolved now. Please try again.

Thanks Mohammad–I just tried again and got “Update request submitted successfully”. So now my participants will get the last page update we discussed earlier.