Unable to join study via QR code/ URL

My participant was unable to join the study (ID: 905) with the QR code/ url provided under the participant registration page. May I know if how should this be resolved?

Hi @xinhui.chua

Can you be more specific what was the problem? There are a few steps from the time a participant clicks on the URL or scans the QR code up until the time they join the study, and it’s not clear from your question what may have happened in this case.



I provided my participants with the URL and QR code, however when the QR code was scanned/ URL was clicked, the webpage said “not found”. Could you kindly advise on this?

Hi @xinhui.chua

You are right. The page does not load. I’ve passed it to my colleagues to look into this as soon as possible. I’m positive we can sort this out by early next week. In the meantime, your participants can join by using the study registration code.

Sorry for the inconvenience