"Triggering logic with an ID of 0 has an invalid period."

Dear Ethica support,

I’m busy adapting my questionnaires for the next wave of data collection in my project and now get the error “Triggering logic with an ID of 0 has an invalid period.” when I’m trying to publish one of the questionnaires. However, I didn’t change anything in the triggering logic and the logic is also the same as used in another survey which doesn’t get any error notifications.

The problem shows up for survey 11454 in study 1602. Could you help me figure out what goes wrong here?


P.S. On a possibly related note, I also get warning messages that some pages/questions may be unreachable in other surveys when they are reachable also after testing.

Update: the same issue has appeared for survey 11465 of study 1603.

Hi @e.l.demoor

The same issue was discussed here as well. I suggest you check out my response there. Basically, if you refresh your browser, it should work just fine.

For the second problem, i.e. the message saying some pages are not reachable, we are working on it. It should be fixed sometime today or tomorrow.


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