Too many notifications


A weird problem occured in our study:
Some participants received many notifications saying something along the lines of “A study you are participating in has been updated”. We assume that they got this notification every time we made changes and published an activity. What is weird about it is, that not everyone receives those notifications.
I checked already in the Audit Logs of this participants and it seems like they are using tan older version of the app (420). Could that be the reason? Is anyone her having the same problems? Is it normal?

Thanks in advance for any kind of answer!

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Hi @nelekuepper

Sorry for my late reply. The thing is that every time you make a change in your study, Ethica sends a message to all active participants’ devices and ask the app to update the study settings to get the latest changes. Due to technical reasons, Android app can do this behind the scene without the participant even noticing it, while the iOS app notifies the participant about this update and asks them to manually reload the study settings.

If you change many settings in your live study, Android users will not get any notifications, but their app’s study settings keep getting updated behind the scenes. But iOS users keep getting notified.

I think that is why some users receive these notifications while some don’t.

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Hi @m.hashemian - I have a continuation of this questions. Is there a way to not have the iOS users notified every time? I am making some changes to a study and don’t want my participants to get a bunch of update notifications one after the other as I change survey contents.