Timestamp, start_time... for app usage data

I just looked into collected app usage data but I dont quite understand the meaning of the variable names…

What exactly is “timestamp” and if this is a date / time… how do I convert it to something “readable”?

How is it possible, if start_time is the actual time an app was opened, that there 3 multiple apps opened in the exact same moment while all of them have “fg_time”? How is this interpretable, that Amazon has been fg_time for 19 seconds but in the same moment, YouTube was opend too and it has fg_time of 19.000 seconds?

And regarding “fg_time”: What is this exactly? The time an app is in the foreground open? But how is it then possible that there are multiple apps a day, that have fg_times of more than 11 hours? And why are apps like “com.google.android.networkstack.tethering” have fg_time at all (and especially for 12 hours)?

And what does it mean, when 1970-01-01 is “last_used”. Does it just mean “no (real) data available”?

Hi @ican,

“timestamp” is an internal field which track insertion time to the database. This is used for tracking order of insertion for time-series data. It has no value in terms of collected user data. More info on Timeuuid and converting those to datetime can be found here.

Regarding start_time, end_time and fg_time meaning please refer to here.

Let us know if had any other question.