Surveys not triggered on iPhone

Hi Again,
I have written previously about the glitch with iPhones. Participants do not receive the automated beeps according to the scheduled triggers. A solution was to manually trigger the beeps for those participants, but apparently that was too much work for me.

I am only collecting survey data, study ID 723.

Any idea why this might be the case and how to overcome that in the future?

Thank you,

Hi @h.eltanamly

I checked the setting for your study and did not find anything in particular pointing to issues in survey prompts in iPhone. I did notice that survey #3656 are set such that they can be blocked by their previous prompts, as you can see it has happened to some of the participants . You can read more about the Blocked surveys on the site’s documentation.

Also, two iPhone users, 13083 and 13075 have not sent any data to our servers since the day they joined the study. That’s why all of their survey triggers are incomplete. I suspect they have terminated the app right after joining the study and have not opened it since then.

Thank you

P.S: I moved the question to a new topic as it was not relevant to the post you had asked originally.