Surveys 9 and 10 november


Two of our participants (#14121 in study 833 and #14122 in study 834) report that surveys did not prompt in thee past two days. How is this possible? Is there a way for you or for us to fix this so that surveys will prompt again as scheduled?

Kind regards,


Hi Nicky

Participant #14121 has joined on Aug 20th. When a participant registers in a study, we schedule surveys for the next few weeks and the application will prompt those scheduled surveys. But because of a problem in our app, in certain cases, when these scheduled surveys are finished, the app was not scheduling more. And that’s what happened to 14121.

We are working to resolve this issue, but in the meantime, the workaround is for the participant to manually reload their studies. This will schedule the remaining surveys. Now 14121 already has done so, he will continue to receive surveys as expected for the following weeks. But unfortunately, there are no surveys prompted (and hence responded) in the past couple of days.

Similarly, participant #14122, has the same issue. Although he has not reloaded his studies so his issue still persists. Also, he is using an old version of the Ethica app. If he updates his Ethica app from the App Store/Google Play, it should resume working as expected.

Hope this helps.