Survey uploads failing

We are having difficulties with survey uploads (study 752). Some phones are not uploading survey responses, despite performing a manual sync following the survey completion, and other phones that are not syncing any other data are uploading survey responses perfectly fine. For example #12874 is not uploading the survey responses, despite completing the survey and uploading directly after, and users #13066 and #13243 are working and we performed the same thing for each.

For example, with #12874, we have this error message arise:

“Upload survey responses started at 2019-07-08 09:23:58 UTC and failed after 22 seconds. Error: Internal server error.”

Hi @cmolarte

The problem with 12874 is that she has registered in the study #62 (Lyme Disease Sample Study) and responded to some of the surveys there and now tries to submit the responses to those surveys, even though responding to surveys defined for the sample studies are not allowed in Ethica. That’s why the app cannot submit other responses either. They keep failing. It’s still unclear to us how this user could join this sample study and respond to the surveys of it. We will be looking further into this to prevent it.

In the meantime, the easiest way is to uninstall and reinstall the app. That will cause all your current responses to be lost, but should be ok considering that this is a test account. Then you can start from scratch.

Thank you