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we are experiencing difficulties with one of our participant’s survey prompts. Since September 6th, participant #12842 in study 744 does not receive new prompts. One survey prompt should be scheduled each day (I double checked this in the triggering logic). However, participant does not receive them. More strange is that when I check ‘survey sessions’ on the Ethica website, no gray scheduled bars appear after September 6th. Since triggering logic is set to ‘never ends’, I can normally see all scheduled days, but now there’s nothing. Could you tell me what’s wrong?



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Hi @lgosens ,

When I check on the website, it seemed her phone was not in contact with the server since Sept. 6th and that’s why no new survey was generated for her to respond to. As part of my test, I simulated her phone contacting our website, and new survey schedules was created for her account right away.

If she opens the app, goes to the Settings, and presses “Update Studies”, she should receive the new schedules and it should continue to work as expected for her.

If you notice any problems after following the above steps, please let me know and we will look into it right away.

Sorry for the problem,

Thank you Mohammad! I will check out if that solves it!

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