Survey response is displayed as +1 point


We adapted a multiple choice question type to ask participants to rate a 0-10 survey (see attached for how we modified it). However, as response output, instead of an answer from 0-10, we can only see the answer label which ranges from A1-A11. Is there a way we can see the chosen answer (0-10) in the output, instead of the label? Alternatively, if you have suggestions for how else we could modify the question type to get an integer between 0-10 (and not VAS), that would be also useful.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @m.karacaoglu

Unfortunately our survey exporter right now cannot be configured to export the numerical value of the response, and it just exports the ID of the selected answers with A prefix. We are working to make it more flexible, but in the meantime, the only solution I can think of is to remove the A manually using a text editor after downloading the CSV file.

Hope it helps,