Survey not. being triggered study 3534


I have two surveys and I want the 2nd question of the first survey (20797) to trigger the 2nd survey. The 2nd should be disabled once filled out (and to be triggered again once the participant fills out the 1st).

In the 2nd survey, my criteria (both for the survey and the trigger logics) is now Q20797_2 == 1 AND (Q2 != 1 OR Q2 != 2 OR Q2 != 3).

It used to work, but somehow it is not being triggered anymore… Can you help?


Hi Nora,

Would you please let me know why you used “(Q2 != 1 OR Q2 != 2 OR Q2 != 3)” as part of the criteria? Is it used for the “should be disabled once filled out” part?

Best regards,