Submit should not be disabled if last question is non mandatory

I cannot press Submit anymore without entering an answer first to my last question, although it is non mandatory. Is it possible to allow Submit for the last question in a survey if it is set to non-mandatory (the skip button does not do the job)

Hi @janhoutveen

Thanks for reporting this. One of my colleagues is working on this and should be rolled out in an update to App Store/Google Play this week.


Thanks! In the meantime our participants are instructed to enter a space in our last non-mandatory open text field question in case they do not want to add text; that will activate the Submit button.

@janhoutveen to be clear, if they press Skip, they will be able to finish the survey and submit it. I see how pressing Skip on the last question can be confusing. The Skip refers to “skipping” the last question, which leads to submitting the survey. But the participant in fact may think it means skipping the survey. We will be discussing this and will resolve the issue soon.