Study ending prematurely for participant

Hi there,

One of the participants (ID 51201) in our study (ID 2241) has stopped receiving notifications, and also appears to have had the study end prematurely for them.

Our daily surveys are supposed to last for 12 days. They started these surveys on March 12th, so March 23rd is supposed to be the last day that they receive notifications to complete their daily surveys. Today (March 23rd), they received no notifications and their home screen within the app says: “This study is already finished”.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated!

We took another look at the trigger logics for the daily surveys, and it was set to 11 occurrences, which means people were only receiving them for 11 days. We changed the number to 13 occurrences - will this ensure participants will get only 12 days of surveys to complete? Or should we set it to 12 occurrences? We want to take into account that the surveys are only sent the day after they register (so should it be set to 13 occurrences if we want 12 full days of participation?). If someone could help clarify our logic and understanding of the trigger logistics, that would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @ruixi.zhang

I put a comment for your colleague in this post. Would be great if you check and let me know if it helps.