Stroop test survey expired

Hi when I get a notification for stroop test it first tells me “survey expired” then I have to manually choose it. This behavior happens in Iphone and not on android. Can someone please help me with this?

Thank you

Hi dear Arash,

In which version you faced this issue?


The very last version of the app. I have an iphone 13.

Dear Arash

Please provide me with your study and activity ID.


Hi Omid,

Study number is 2959 and activity ID is 17590.

Also, whenever I update the study, I receive a message saying study is updated. Then when I click on that, it says “error” then sometimes it basically asks for study ID again and I have to close out of the app and come back again for the app to be back to its normal situation. Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you.
I will investigate on that too, meanwhile please try reloading study from Settings > My Studies after updating your study and let me know if you had any problem.

I reloaded it and there was no issue. The issue arises when I click directly on the notification of “study updated please open the app”. Thanks for your help Omid!

Hi Dear Arash

Can you please add me to your study as researcher so that I try reproducing the issue?
my address:

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Dear Arash,

just wanted to follow up with you.

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Hi Omid,

I have added you. Also, over the past few days I did not receive any notification. I have not responded for a week intentionally to see if the system fails or not. It stopped sending me notifs. today I opened the app and did one survey manually, after that I am receiving the notifications again. Is this issue happening with others? what would be the reason? Could it be that I closed the application? Would it send notifs if the application is not in the background? Like I said before I am trying to assess the reliability of the system before we deploy it in our study.


Hi @arasht

i will let @omid.dolatkia to reply but just wanted to say the behaviour you explained for notifications are expected.

Mobile apps cannot schedule indefinite notifications. I believe the cap in iOS is 64. We schedule less than that, something like 50 or so. If those notifications are prompted and the participant does not open the app even once, no more notifications can be scheduled. If the participant opens the app at least once, Ethica will top up the notifications to 50 again.

Hope it explains,

Dear @arasht,

When you get a notification for stroop test, when did you see “survey expired" ? on clicking the notification and after app opens?
If yes do you have this problem with your other activities too?

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