Stop notifications when a specific questionnaire is completed

For my pilot study 3360 I have two different questionnaires: ‘BEAT-IT+ (TEST)’ and ‘Avondvragenlijst’. The BEAT-IT+ is asked 8 times a day, till 22:30, and the ‘Avondvragenlijst’ can be filled in before the participant goes to bed. When for example the participant goes to bed at 9 PM, and completes the ‘Avondvragenlijst’ at 9PM, I do not want the continuous ‘BEAT-IT+’ questionnaires anymore for that day. How can I add this to my settings?

Dear k.engels,

Thanks for reaching out to us in forum. I will try to help you step-by-step.

To do that, you need to use criteria in your surveys. For example you have a question in your Avondvragenlijst survey(for example assume the survey ID is 1432) with ID Q ID: 1234 and it’s a multiple answer question with 3 answers A ID: 1, A ID: 2, A ID: 3. You want the BEAT-IT+ survey to be prompted unless the other survey is answered. In the activity editor of BEAT-IT+, go to the Settings tab on the right, and set the criteria as following: NOT(Q1432_1234 == 1 OR Q1432_1234 == 2 OR Q1432_1234 == 3) . This result in prompting the first survey until the participant respond to the Avondvragenlijst survey. Also, you can make the question Mandatory in the Settings tab of the question to make sure that the participant does not skip the question.

For further question regarding this subject, make sure to check the examples in criteria.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions.


Thank you for your quick reply and support!

I’m happy that it helped!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions.

Dear Kasra,

I applies the criteria to the BEAT-IT questionnaire but now the situation appaers that the daily questionnaires are blocked for the rest of the study when the ‘Avondvragenlijst’ is completed once. Every day I have multiple daily questionnaires and one evening questionnaire: ‘Avondvragenlijst’. When the evening questionnaire is completed I do not want the BEAT-IT questionnaires to appear anymore, but only for that specific day. The next day I do want the daily BEAT-IT questionnaires to appear again until the evening questionnaire is completed that day. Is it also possible to add this to the criteria?

Dear k.engels,

I understand the issue here. Currently I don’t see a possible way to implement what you want to happen, but I will report it to the team and will let you know here in forum if I could find a walkaround for this problem.

I’m sorry again I couldn’t help more right now, but hopefully I will respond back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reaching out to us in forum.